This is not the opening line of a joke but a serious question. Here are the top things that make a good courier driver, one that’s better than the rest:

A good courier driver loves driving and enjoys his job! You can be driving alone for long periods at a time, so you need to enjoy what you do and have an aptitude for focussing and concentrating lots. You need to enjoy providing friendly service to the customer, especially at the end of your journey. A friendly courier will always be remembered, and customers will book you again.

Successful courier companies rely on drivers being the best they can be.

If you collect and deliver on time you will be a good reliable courier driver. A better one will ring the customer in advance if there is going to be a delay. This may often be out of your control if the traffic is bad or the weather is bad, but a phone call goes a long way to keeping your customer happy.

Customer Signing For Delivery From CourierPolite and professional communication with the customer at all stages of their parcel delivery is key to providing superior customer service to the competitors.

A good courier driver looks after his vehicle and ensures it has regular maintenance checks to prevent unnecessary breakdowns or accidents. The best drivers inspect their vehicle every time before setting off to ensure it’s safe to drive. Checking the lights all work and simple things like checking the tyre tread, tyre pressure, oil level and if there’s enough fuel in the tank! Clean vans and presentable drivers are key for a professional image.

A trusted courier driver has a clean driving licence and drives correctly and safely without taking unnecessary risks. They are responsible for having all the correct licences for the types of vehicle that they drive.

A good courier driver manages their time well and plans their deliveries and collections in advance, choosing the most efficient routes. They will have excellent directional skills and extensive geographical knowledge of the UK to deliver first class courier work. Whilst many of us rely on Sat-Navs now, a better courier driver will take an old-fashioned map with them in case they lose GPS connection.

Strong admin skills with good attention to detail is also what makes a good courier driver; it’s not all about the driving there is paperwork to do!

Go on then, here is a real joke: “I’ve always wanted to tell jokes about couriers but ……. I’m still working on the delivery!”

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