Courier Contracts

We understand that courier contracts, those repeat parcel delivery and collection bookings are important to your courier business. The customer is relying upon you to carry out their parcel delivery and / or collection every time without fail. Your customer has set up a contract with you for regular scheduled collection and delivery times to and from regular destinations, so any unforeseen circumstances that could delay these could damage your relationship with that client and potentially lose you their business.

There may be times when you do not have the capacity to fulfil all of your courier contracts, due to driver illness for example. It may be that you don’t have the right type of vehicle to transport the specialist load that the customer is requesting. Or they are asking for a collection time when you are fully booked.

Who else can deliver for you?

Ordinarily you would have to spend time on the phone ringing around your contacts to find someone to help you out. Chances are they are all booked up already. By posting your requirement on our courier exchange automated system your courier job will reach available owner drivers and couriers who will respond quickly, and who you can sub-contract the job out to. You won’t need to let your customer down and the goods will be delivered for your client on your behalf. Avoid customer complaints and ensure your client’s delivery / collection happens before risking any potential damage to your brand and your reputation.

Logistics of working together

Courier Market is a trusted UK network of competent and reliable self-employed drivers and courier companies. You will have real-time instant access to them all meaning that you can confidently deliver when and where your customers need you to, every time. You can also find available loads in your area to fill the quiet periods of your long-term courier contracts. For example, if a company shuts annually for the Summer or Christmas and you need a few jobs to fill the gap. Or if the agreement doesn’t cover the return journey then you can login to the desktop and search of work or log in to the app and let the work be done for you. Travelling home empty drastically reduces your profit margin.

Expand your resources efficiently

Our transport exchange app can increase your capacity to take on more courier contracts and increase your profitability. It’s a great tool to use at times when parcel collections are at risk of being delayed. Or when your long-term agreement customer increases the number of courier deliveries that they require, and your current resources are at full capacity. This could save you from investing in more vans and more drivers. Our smart load matching system does the hard work for you and then sends email notifications of all the jobs and loads available to you in a set-radius of your current location.

With Courier Market you can fulfil all parcel delivery and collection consignments at any destination at the time you need to be there!

Give it a go, view our app and find your next job!