Haulage Contracts

Hauliers have specific haulage contracts, regular, pre-booked distributions which means they know in advance what they are transporting, where to and by when.

We understand that haulage contracts are valuable to your haulier business and your customers are counting upon you for consistent service and guaranteed freight deliveries. Your client has put their trust in you by making a regular commitment with you and expects scheduled collections and deliveries on time every time. So, any unexpected delays could potentially harm your relationship with that customer or in the worst case you could lose their business. What happens when drivers become ill or your freight vehicle breaks down and you find that you now have a shortfall and can no longer fulfil all of your haulage contracts? It may be that you don’t have the right type of lorry to transport the specialist load that the customer is requesting. Or they request a haulage delivery when you are fully booked.

What happens when the unexpected happens?

To find a qualified replacement haulier when your haulage contract depends on it is a challenge in itself. When haulage contract drivers become ill or their HGV breaks down it is with very little notice and so the pressure to find a backup plan increases quickly. The customer has pre-booked specific journey times and routes and the struggle is to find alternative resources that match.

Courier Market is here to help the haulage industry with these issues. Sub-contract your load out via our haulage exchange app and find available haulage companies, small hauliers and HGV drivers. With custom freight alerts you will quickly solve your logistical headaches and save yourself valuable time. You can choose available hauliers by advertising your required location, preferred delivery times, specific vehicle and type of freight. Customer complaints will be prevented as there is no need to disrupt the contract agreement and delivery can go ahead as planned.

Increase your resource options

Courier Market is the perfect middleman putting you in front of a constant supply of haulage drivers and haulage contract jobs. Join now to form lasting and trusted relationships with other hauliers so you can expand your network to increase your possibilities to fulfil and take on more haulage contracts. Our haulage exchange system matches your haulage load requirements to available qualified drivers. Similarly, if you have empty freight vehicles, we can match your location, vehicle capacity and availability to other hauliers looking for deliveries.

Run your haulage contracts company more efficiently

The instant notifications of real-time availability make it easy to increase your haulage contract efficiency and increase your revenue. It is a useful programme for those times when your haulage contract deliveries are at risk of being delayed, to pull in an alternative resource. Or when one of your haulage contract customers adds in an extra delivery for you, and all your freight vehicles are full, or your other drivers are all out on the road elsewhere. Our smart load matching system sends you instant email notifications of all the hauliers available to you in your requested location area.

Courier Market transport exchange app is available to assist hauliers and transport managers increase back loads and make every mile count

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