Our app gives you access to contacts in other courier companies that you can build up trusted relationships with.

You will find haulage work and haulage drivers all with the correct licences and qualifications on our Courier Market transport exchange app.

How It Works

Courier Market is a service created to help owner drivers, couriers and hauliers grow their businesses. We help you to do this by providing you with an automated system to quickly find courier jobs and fill your dead mileage. Get more back loads, lower your costs and increase your profit!

Are you driving back empty?
Do you have extra deliveries and collections that you cannot fulfil?

Increase your resources by posting your excess deliveries and collections jobs on our platform, to reach out to other drivers that can do the job for you. You can find deliveries where and when you need them to be. Courier & Haulage companies never have to worry about turning away work. By becoming a member of the Courier Market platform, they can sub-contract their loads by posting on the website or via our Courier Market app.

The Courier Market Website and App automate the whole process for our members and make their life easier when needing to search for courier work. By using state of the art technology, when our users are logged in, it will identify you or your driver’s current location. It can then send you both email and push notifications for all current available jobs within a set mile radius that match our users’ van size and location.

“The Courier Market app is pretty easy to use. I’ve found it good to get jobs out of my area and tend to get backloads here and there depending on the area I’ve cleared in. It’s so good to have another platform option and the best thing is that it’s better value for money compared to what is out there.’’


‘’I’ve managed to reduce my dead mileage by 50% within a month of joining Courier Market!’’

Gabriel, London.

‘’Courier Market know the transport industry really well which made it easy for me to make more money whilst not overworking myself.’’

Transporting Goods, Glasgow.

‘’Courier Market helped lower my dead mileage whilst providing me with an app that I could do invoicing through, this meant saving time and making money faster.’’

Fast Logistics, London.

‘’I have a fleet of 32 trucks and needed more loads- Courier Market did just that and also helped my vehicles reach the full potential in terms of capacity.’’

Haultoday, Birmingham.

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