Haulage Work

The obstacles in haulage work are varied and often larger than those faced by the courier industry: You are limited, not by distance, but more by the amount of haulage work you can accept. This is determined by the number of haulage drivers you have, their legal driving hours and the number of HGVs you have. Ensuring all the customers receive their freight on time when your fleet is at full capacity is difficult. Hauliers are equally at risk of driver illness and vehicle breakdown.

Finding skilled drivers that have their heavy goods vehicle driving licences and CPC qualifications can be a challenge. Tachograph laws means HGV / LGV drivers have restricted driving hours. If you are operating lorries over 3.5 tonnes your HGVs will be off the road at regular intervals for their compulsory maintenance checks to comply with the Operator’s licence, therefore reducing your haulage work availability. Eefficiency is key.

Courier Market is your solution

You will find haulage work and haulage drivers all with the correct licences and qualifications on our Courier Market transport exchange app. You will find a wide choice of road haulage vehicles and freight vehicles including curtain-siders, low-loaders and HGVs to articulated lorries. Larger goods in bulk by pallet or in shipping containers can be delivered more efficiently by outsourcing to our network of trusted contacts. Your costs will be lower than employing more staff, all your haulage work services will be profitable and your profits maximised.

Advertise your empty backloads, get them matched and delivered

Ensuring all your HGVs are at full capacity all of the time can be one of the greatest challenges for haulage work. Empty loads reduce profit for freight companies. It is difficult to minimise dead mileage and maximise revenue. Hauliers don’t tend to have multiple drops in between delivery and collection point so filling the backload is even more important to reduce costs. Our smart load matching solution, on our Courier Market transport exchange app, is based on live locations so you can advertise your empty run journeys and they will be matched to other haulage companies looking for a collection and delivery where you are and where you’re going.

Advertise your excess loads, get them matched and delivered

It may be that you do not have enough hauliers or HGVs to cover the haulage work that you have. Maybe you are struggling to find qualified drivers to fill your job vacancies? Driver shortfall can be the biggest headache for hauliers. Or it may be that you need a temporary solution whilst your HGV is off the road for maintenance or repair?

Advertise your load or delivery requirement to our haulage company and freight forwarder contacts across the UK, on our haulage exchange platform. You will have instant access to a wide selection of reliable, compliant and available haulage drivers that can transport anything from palletized goods and shipping containers to dangerous goods or refrigerated items.

Courier Market transport exchange App has lots of haulage work waiting for you to pick up

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