Courier Exchange

Courier Market is a courier exchange platform where we connect owner drivers, same day couriers, van drivers and all courier businesses together across the UK.

Features and Benefits of using Courier Market courier exchange

Get more courier work anywhere in the UK. Subcontract and outsource courier jobs, reduce your costs by increasing back loads and reducing dead mileage. Increasing your UK courier work and expand your business. Register your route availability, advertise your return journey and post your current status to receive instant job notifications and load alerts at any time. Receive live updates for the courier jobs that match your location and availability. Stay ahead of your competitors, win more work and never refuse a job again. Be part of a trusted professional transport network directory of courier contacts giving you access to new trading partners with whom you can work with. Save time with our tracking feature, our electronic PODs and direct invoicing between members.

Use Courier Market collaborative logistics solution to find replacement drivers and vans when you need them

Our automated courier exchange smart system will find the right size and right type of vehicle for your courier request. You will find experienced and qualified drivers that you subcontract out to. Our network of competent and reliable couriers will maintain your Company’s reputation and deliver the same great customer service that you do. You can find available, willing and capable carriers anywhere in the UK, at any time, giving you the flexibility of being at any destination at the time you need to be there!

Courier Market will help you build important connections and contracts and allows you to grow your business without incurring further overheads.

Use Courier Market courier exchange solution to outsource your excess loads

We have a fast-growing fleet of available couriers and self-employed drivers that can take your excess loads and can also protect specialist or fragile parcels in transit, when you need them.

Courier Market gives you the possibility of extending your offered services to delivering and collecting anything, anywhere and at any time. Having a diverse and available fleet of courier drivers on hand allows you to efficiently deliver and collect parcels to any location in the country. For example, if you’re based in Birmingham and the required consignment is in Scotland, it would not be time efficient or cost effective to send one of your own courier vehicles up to Scotland. By simply posting the load on our courier exchange app you will receive several instant quotes from carriers in Scotland in minutes that you can outsource to.

Outsource all the loads that you currently do not have the resources to do and enjoy the added bonus of scaling your courier business to widen your delivery radius. With Courier Market courier exchange app you can provide national deliveries and collections where you were not able to before.

Use Courier Market transport exchange solution to find courier work

Our courier exchange platform gives you a quick and easy one step route to finding more courier work. Simply advertise your availability and a set radius of where you can travel and you’ll receive instant notifications from the Courier Market app, so you’ll know immediately when you’ve got a new job waiting. This gives you the flexibility to work when and for how long you choose. With access to all our courier members you’ll easily fill those gaps between your regular customers’ courier jobs.

Use Courier Market cost-effective delivery network solution to fill your empty backloads

Our courier exchange app will eliminate your dead mileage and reduce your costs as a result. Courier drivers often drive home empty after a delivery. They can use our app to find a matching load to fill their empty journey that needs collecting near where they are now and needs delivering near to where they are going anyway. The live tracking map pinpoints available and suitable loads to match your request in real-time so you can secure a return load all the way, or part of the way home. Extra loads increase turnover, increase productivity and increase your revenue and your profits.

Our courier exchange app helps you to reduce wasted mileage and is more sustainable for the environment. Our towns and cities are already heavily polluted, our roads and motorways are already overcrowded and so by using our courier exchange app to fill your empty back load journeys, you will be championing a sustainable courier business model.

With the Courier Market App you can manage all your parcel deliveries and collections, wherever you are, at the touch of a button.

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