Haulage Exchange

Courier Market is a haulage exchange platform where we have a trusted network of qualified HGV drivers, same day hauliers, reputable lorry drivers, freight forwarders and haulage companies from across the UK.

Features and Benefits of using Courier Market haulage exchange

Increase your UK freight work and grow your revenue. Outsource excess haulage work and fill your empty back loads, increase your profits and reduce dead mileage. Receive instant haulage job notifications and freight load alerts based on your current location, route availability and current status, at any time. Be at an advantage over your competitors, win more haulage and freight work and never turn away another customer. Be a member of a professional fleet of reputable haulage companies and qualified hauliers; new trading partners with whom you can work with and have live truck tracking and real time updates. You can save time with our electronic PODs and direct invoicing between members and increase the versatility of your logistics – deliver anything at any time.

Use Courier Market to partner with other haulage professionals to find replacement HGV drivers and LGVs when you need them

Our haulage exchange has a directory of haulier contacts giving you a large choice of HGV drivers with full CPC certification, HGV Cat C+E licence/Class 1 and LGV CAT C or Class 2 Licence. Our smart match technology will find the right driver for your preferred time of delivery.

Our haulage exchange gives you a large choice of HGVs, 18 ton trucks, tail-lifts, curtain siders, flatbeds, refrigerated artic lorries; whatever your freight load, whichever type of freight vehicle you need, our smart match technology will find the right transport for your haulage job.

Our Courier Market app automatically matches the haulage work request to available hauliers and haulage companies that have the right vehicle for the specific type of freight and in the desired location. We are a smart efficient asset that you can also use to expand your freight forwarding operations

Use Courier Market haulage exchange solution to subcontract out your excess loads

When you and your HGV drivers are at full capacity, but you still have freight loads that need delivering and collecting you will find licenced and available hauliers on our Courier Market haulage exchange app who are already in the right location to pick up or deliver for you. You will find haulage drivers who are available on an empty backload journey themselves and can take your excess freight for you. You will find haulage companies that are in between jobs of their own and have the time available to help you out. You can subcontract out regular haulage work or excess freight loads when your resources are full, to our growing network of experienced and qualified hauliers.

Use Courier Market haulage exchange solution to find haulage work

Our haulage exchange app helps you to quickly and easily find more haulage work to keep all your haulage vehicles running at full capacity at all times. With instant freight alerts, based on your live location and scheduled destination, we let you know as soon as a new load is added that matches your criteria. Courier Market puts you in contact with haulier companies and HGV drivers so you can connect with them, build a good reputation and form professional relationships from the feedback of clients you have worked for and from those that have employed you.

Courier Market haulage exchange is also great if you want to grow your business without adding more vehicles to your fleet and employing more drivers. Booking the extra haulage work on our app takes away the extra costs and the added pressure of trying to fill the capacity of extra lorries and paying extra salaries. You will find qualified experienced and reliable HGV drivers, so you don’t have to worry about the added costs that employment brings or the costs of renewing CPCs and specialist licences.

Use Courier Market haulage exchange to fill your empty backloads

By advertising your vehicles’ location and any empty journeys our haulage exchange app sends you instant freight alerts and matching loads. This maximises your efficiency, increases your profits and makes every mile count by filling your empty return journeys. No more wasted fuel! Courier Market plays a part in helping the environment with its sustainable freight model. Our haulage exchange platform cuts empty freight runs and helps lower customers’ carbon footprint.

With Courier Market you can fulfil all freight delivery and collections to any destination at any time!

Find your next haulage load. Low joining fee!