Work smarter by connecting to a network of qualified, experienced and reliable drivers via our courier exchange platform and quickly solve your logistical challenges. Increase your income and your profits quickly and efficiently.

Courier Market provides you with a platform of trusted drivers and all types of courier vehicles available to increase your courier contacts and resources.

If you haven’t used a courier exchange platform before then read on to find out some of the benefits of why you should:

  • Find more UK courier work and grow your courier business without incurring extra costs
  • Fill your empty backloads and reduce fuel costs on wasted mileage
  • Find available loads to fill the quiet times of your courier contracts
  • No more refusing customer requests when your resources are at full capacity
  • Meet customer demand and find extra vans and qualified drivers when and where you need them
  • Find a replacement experienced and qualified driver and van at short notice when one of your drivers is taken ill or one of your vehicles breaks down
  • Receive live courier job notifications and load alerts, at any time, matched by your current location and current status
  • Access an available fleet of different carrier vehicles and fully licenced courier drivers nationwide so you can extend your parcel delivery range and courier services
  • Save time: All your trusted courier contacts and experienced backup drivers are all in one place on our transport exchange app
  • Save money: Using a courier exchange platform is more economical than buying or leasing extra vans and employing more drivers, and cheaper than hiring a temporary replacement van
  • Your customers can rely on you to deliver every time on time, less customer complaints
  • Manage all your courier logistics, at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime.
  • Win more courier work and stay ahead of your competition
  • Set to any mileage radius across the UK to search for available courier work
  • Each member has a unique ID number and you can create separate logins for each of your drivers
  • All collections and deliveries are booked via the Courier Market app with live tracking and real time updates
  • Upload your POD details electronically when you have completed each job
  • Members invoice each other directly on 30-day payment terms
  • The best bit is it’s FREE to join and FREE to use!

Courier Market is a courier exchange platform delivering first-class courier delivery service

in the UK. There are no joining fess or subscription costs. No commission to pay.

Our smart load matching automated system does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Download our app now on the App store or Google Play to start enjoying the benefits for yourself!