The art of gaining more courier work and more deliveries and collections, in the first instance, is to be a good courier:

  • Smile and be friendly with your customers. If they receive excellent customer service, they will book with you again!
  • Complete the delivery and / or collection on time. Your customers will be happy and will book with you again!
  • Be consistently reliable. If your customers trust you to do a good job every time, they will book with you again!
  • Build up an excellent reputation and be known in your area as a trusted, professional, reliable courier that people will want to use again and again!

But what other ways are there for you to grow your courier business and increase your workload?

You could build a website and drive traffic to it. The problem with that is that the courier industry is very competitive, and you would be competing with the larger national and international courier companies who have large budgets to invest in their online presence. You could have some leaflets printed and distribute them in your delivery areas to companies that you think might use courier services on a regular basis. The downside of this is that many leaflets that get delivered to houses and businesses these days end up in the bin unread. You also need a lot of luck to put your leaflet in front of the right person at the right time. You could promote your courier business and the services that you offer on social media. Just like with a website the world of social media can be expensive and complex and to be able to grow a business. Via these channels takes a lot of time and dedication. Time that would be better spent out on the road collecting and delivering parcels.

So, as you can see all of these ideas are equally beneficial but have their downsides too and would take up your valuable time, incurring more costs.


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