If you often find yourself driving empty on return journeys, then this could be the best article you have read today:

You can improve your efficiency and make extra money by filling the loads that would otherwise be empty on your return journeys.  In some instances, you have some space left in your van after you have loaded. How do you find more orders to fill the vehicle to its full capacity?

Eliminate dead mileage, make every mile count and increase your profit margins!

You would check your tyres to make sure your van or lorry is running at optimum efficiency. You drive at a steady speed to ensure optimum fuel efficiency. So, it makes sense to fill your vehicle with a load on every outgoing and return journey to make your business as efficient as possible. You’ve already paid for the petrol to do the journey anyway and you’ve already paid the delivery driver so a job to fill the empty running will be more profitable!

Use Courier Market Transport Exchange Platform – it’s free to join and free to use!

Courier Market is an app that gives you instant access to a constant supply of available loads that need collecting and delivering for couriers and hauliers across the UK. It couldn’t be easier to find extra courier work with instant access on your mobile phone and having new trading partners at the touch of a button.

Our courier and haulage exchange platform is available to all self-employed delivery drivers, owner van drivers, courier drivers, HGV drivers and haulier companies, including those that provide same-day haulage services and courier contracts. They all advertise the extra courier and haulage work that they can’t fulfil themselves when they need another competent driver to subcontract out to. All you need to do is advertise your backload date, time, vehicle type, van size and location. Our automatic smart matching system will match your criteria to the supply of courier and haulage load requirements posted by our ever-growing network of courier and haulage industry members. You will then receive instant alert notifications of job loads from which you can choose the best quote.

We don’t take any commission from you so there are no extra costs and only profit to be made.

Join us to become part of a trusted driver transport network. Build your reputation through customer reviews with other owner drivers, couriers and haulage companies to win more work and take on backload after backload. 

Your next backloads are waiting for you at Courier Market.

Download our transport exchange platform app on the App store or Google Play. Membership is FREE!