If you have asked yourself this question, then our answer has to be how much would you like to earn?

Financial pyramid concept.ISelf-employed couriers are paid for each delivery and collection that they do, so the more courier work they do, the more they earn! Some courier companies that subcontract out to the self-employed drivers pay different amounts for different van sizes and different locations. Those that have a larger vehicle have the capacity to earn more. A courier’s salary will also depend on the driver’s level of experience and qualifications.

An owner driver will earn more if they have a van instead of a car because they can carry more parcels at once and they can deliver bigger loads.

A 3.5-ton light goods vehicle can deliver more than a transit van and so there’s more money to be had here too!

It is worth looking at the different types of courier work available. A self-employed driver doing long distance courier contracts or night-time deliveries may get a better rate of pay than a self-employed driver doing same day courier work.

In busy times during the Christmas period or at sale times like Amazon Black Friday millions of extra parcels need delivering across the UK and so the opportunity for overtime increases which in turn boosts your income.

You choose your own salary by choosing the hours you work, the location area you work in and how many courier jobs you take on. To be more profitable and potentially earn more, be sure to keep your own costs under control and manage your own profit margins.

Being a self-employed courier offers great freedom, flexibility and a great work life balance so you might say that that owner driver couriers earn quite well!

So, how much would you like to earn as a self-employed courier?

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