Owner Driver Work

You are a self-employed owner driver and offer parcel delivery and collection services. Some of the challenges that you face with owner driver work will be the same as the larger courier companies, such as your van breaking down or you become too ill to be able to drive, or there is an accident causing a delay on your route. All of which are unpredictable and could result in an unhappy customer complaining that you haven’t collected their parcel, or they haven’t taken delivery of their package. Whether you are an owner van driver or whether you have a small fleet of delivery drivers and vans, the priority here is to re-route your client’s order to reduce any potential damage to your brand and your reputation.

Solution to your owner driver challenges

What alternative do you have if you or all your drivers are already fully booked? What can you do if your fellow delivery drivers are not near to where you have broken down? Courier Market can help; All you have to do is input your current location and destination into our exchange system and you will quickly receive notifications of offers from nearby available courier drivers that can help and do the job for you. If it’s an accident that has caused your delay you can search for a motorcycle courier that can take the package from you and filter through the traffic jams to ensure the delivery still happens on time.

Collaborative logistics

Being a self-employed owner delivery driver has its own struggles too. When it’s just you and you are doing the route planning, the deliveries and the collections and the invoicing there’s not much time left to find more customers and more business. It may also be that you’re not too sure of where to find potential clients. Our courier exchange platform is like having an instant contact book full of courier companies and owner delivery drivers looking for your services, and it’s affordable to join. The benefit of our courier exchange app is that you can advertise easily by posting your UK location and availability in real-time for other self-employed delivery drivers and courier companies to book you. This helps them out and helps you out. You have instant access to our diverse fleet of available drivers with various vans and HGVs.

Saving you time and increasing your bookings

Our smart load matching system sends you notifications to your mobile phone of all the loads available to you in a set-radius of where you are, saving you time that you would have spent ringing your contacts to find more work. The bonus to you is that your diary is filling up while you continue to drive and earn. By uploading your proof of delivery details onto our transport exchange platform as you complete each job (in a safe stopped position, before driving to your next job. We don’t want to promote dangerous driving!), the client will be invoiced digitally, and you save time on preparing and sending out invoices. Less admin time means more driving time to fulfil more customer deliveries and collections. You will be paid quicker too because the client received their invoice sooner!

Improve your efficiency and get more jobs

One of the biggest headaches for all self-employed delivery drivers and owner van drivers is ensuring that your delivery vehicles are at full capacity all of the time. Often the problem is that either the outward or return journey load is empty or that you have to return to base empty, part way through your shift, to reload your van for more deliveries. Courier Market can generate a supply of available back loads to help you fill those empty miles and at the same time increase your productivity and your turnover. We appreciate how important it is to reduce wasted mileage as our towns are already heavily polluted and our roads and motorways are already overcrowded. As well as improving your efficiency, we see that as being environmentally friendly and promoting sustainability too!

With Courier Market you can fulfil all parcel delivery and collection consignments at any destination at the time you need to be there!

Give it a go, download our app and find your next job!